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YAK MAT is the largest supplier of access mats in North America, specializing in providing access solutions for energy projects.

YAK MAT is the largest supplier of access mats in North America, specializing in providing access solutions for energy projects. Pioneering the industry since 1976, YAK MAT is the only temporary roadway company that owns and operates nationwide manufacturing facilities, offering clients economies of scale and a variety of ready-to-ship mats in close proximity to any project, anywhere in the United States.


Timber mats are made of hardwood timbers providing temporary access roads in challenging terrain. Whether it is swamps, marshes, or any other wetland, our timber mats protect the environment and minimize ground pressure, while allowing equipment to cross. As the largest timber mat producer in North America, our inventory allows for rentals, purchase options, and utilization of used mats when necessary.


Our laminated mat provides the same access solutions as our hardwood timber mats. However, these mats are ideal for projects that need surface decking, temporary roads built, or for use with rubber tired equipment. In addition to construction usage, these can be utilized as ground pressure protection when transporting heavy equipment while also put down as general ground covering at events or areas with excessive mud and water.


As the most lightweight mat in the market, YAK MAT's CLT mat weighs 2/3 less than a standard hardwood timber mat, therefore providing a significant reduction in freight charges. This new technology is twice as strong and five times stiffer but not ideal for all access needs. Talk to one of our access solutions experts about this new technology and if it is an ideal fit for your project.


Trenches, ditches, and swamps make it difficult for equipment to cross throughout different stages of a project. Utilizing our large hardwood bridge mats, your teams can easily create a temporary bridge, allowing heavy machinery to cross. These are not industry specific and may be used on any construction project.


Made out of dense hardwoods, these heavy timber mats are designed specifically to uphold heavy cranes on oil rig sites or wherever extra support is needed. Available in various sizes, YAK MAT builds custom crane mats to support any large or heavy equipment while reducing ground pressure and granting access where needed.


With various lengths and sizes available, YAK MAT offers hardwood skids ideal for pipe transport, cribbing, and elevating pipe when needed. These skids are made from the toughest, densest hardwoods, constructed to hold long lengths of pipe during installation and maintenance.


Outrigger mats provide extreme support for large cranes on projects throughout various industries. These mats are made of hardwoods and come with cable loops for easy lifting.


YAK MAT's transition mats are available to provide a ramp for heavy equipment. These mats allow trucks, excavators, and all types of heavy machinery to reach matted access roads and other project sites easily. Transition mats can be custom made for your specific project needs.


Supporting heavy structures for long periods of time is the ideal utilization of YAK MAT's rig mat. Constructed of hardwoods and supported by a steel frame, rig mats can be used on drill sites, as temporary access roads, and serve as support for equipment on various construction projects.


OUTRAK™ removes mud and sediment from vehicle and equipment tires as they leave your project site. Make a clean exit using YAK MAT's new OUTRAK™ mat while eliminating fines and penalties incurred tracking debris from project sites onto highways and streets. This track out mat installs over asphalt, turf, sand, grass, and mud - even on uneven ground.
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