Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc. (WDT) developed the patented WhisprWave® floating articulated breakwater technology to afford erosion control protection to shoreline beaches, coastal marinas, anchorages, and other areas subject to destructive erosive wave / wake forces.

In addition the WhisprWave® security barrier designs are currently installed, being demonstrated or being reviewed by many US Government Agencies and Foreign Sovereigns including but not limited to the US Army Corp of Engineers “USACE”, US Navy “USN”, US Coast Guard “USCG”, US Army “USA”, USMC MEF Iraq, US Bureau of Reclamation “USBR”, UAE CNIA, NAOC, and other clients for applications that range from Homeland Security / Force Protection to Beach Erosion Protection to Marina Wave & Wake Protection.

Security Barriers

All Wave Dispersion Technologies, Inc.™ (WDT™) products utilize the versatile and patented WhisprWave® module incorporated in the systems as floatation and/or mass for security barriers, the key component of all of our wave attenuator systems, floatation for all of our buoys, chain floats and the like. Only WDT proprietary primary materials are incorporated into the systems such as HDPE WhisprWave® Modules, synthetic rubber components, stainless steel wire rope and hardware, UHMW plastic bushings at wear points, and stainless steel coupling devices.

Wave Attenuators

Marinas that are not based in protective coves or estuaries are often subject to the damaging wave and erosionary forces associated with violent storms. These storms cause damage to both the physical marinas, as well as, their clients vessels. During calmer times, these marinas remain concerned about the quality of their slips. Waves, and wakes formed from passing boat traffic, can violently rock harbored crafts making it difficult for their owners to enjoy them while in port. There are many marinas that would like to realize added revenue from their unused shoreline frontage by building additional docks. Frequently these marinas are more limited by the quality of the dock space, impact of waves / wakes on new docks, as the prime spots were built on first, than their ability to source capital for the new construction.
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