Pro-Active Protection From Floods, Erosion, Breaches, Storm Surge & More

TrapBag® is a low cost, quick deploy, self-erecting, cellular barrier bag capable of completely replacing sandbags for all natural or man-made disaster defense needs. We guarantee our bags as protection from natural disasters such as flash floods, beach erosion, mudslides, storm surges and levee breaching. Our barrier bags can also be used in non-emergency situations, such as temporary cofferdam structures or as gravity (MSE) walls. For a full list of how TrapBag can help you, visit our solutions page. TrapBag® dot silt fence, tailings dam, gabion  baskets, cofferdam, pollution control, Sandbags, erosion control.

See what makes us so unique, and find out why we’re so confident in TrapBag®.

TrapBag® is a low cost, rapid deploy flood and erosion control barrier bag similar to, yet superior than, conventional sandbags. Our bags are designed to protect life and property from natural disasters such as flash flooding, mudslides, mud flows, levee breaches and storm surge. TrapBag® is versatile and may be used for other kinds of protection from security barriers to storm-water control.

TrapBag® is a series of pentagon-shaped bags that are sloped on one side, vertical on the opposite side and open at the top for filling. Each of the cells are connected side by side like an accordion, each cell has a common wall with the next cell, and are collapsed during storage and deployment. The cells are made of high-strength textile. Each of the cells are self-contained yet rely on the next cell for added strength. If one of the cells is compromised, it will not affect the rest of the barrier, which will remain standing strong.

Trapbag® uses 40% less fill material than a stacked sandbag wall, but more importantly one 100 foot section of 4 foot high TrapBag® replaces approximately 8,000 sandbags making TrapBag® barrier bags an excellent alternative to small and large sandbags.

What can you expect from TrapBag?

Economy: We save you money in everything from shipping and storage to installation and filling. Our bags take up very little space and are easy to ship and store until you need them. Once you are ready to use our bags, they require less manpower and fill material than tradition sandbags. This design was intention so that you need less time to react to a crisis, such as a flood or mudslide, than you would with sandbags.

Longevity: TrapBag® has a life of at least five years, and has been proven to withstand whatever mother nature brings to bear from mudslides and floods to coastal storms and intense wave action, our bags have seen it all and continued on unimpressed. Whether you're looking for short-term flood protection or long-term erosion control TrapBag® is a strong option that will last.

Versatility: Whether you need a short barrier or a tall one, we have you covered with bags in multiple sizes that, like traditional small to large sandbags, can be stacked on top of each other to give you endless protection options. And TrapBag® requires no special fill material. For temporary barriers you can use sand or gravel, or cement if you need a permanent barrier solution.

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