South Eastern Timber Corp.

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South Eastern Timber Corporation has been building quality oak crane mats, barge mats, timber mats, heavy equipment mats, excavator mats, and dragline mats since 1971. We also specialize in oak timbers, oak lumber, oak cribbing and hardwood. We are located in central Florida and offer shipment anywhere in the United States. Export options are also available.


Our crane mats are built with solid oak timbers, sound grade and square edged. The timbers are bolted together with 1-¼” steel bolts on the 12” mats and 1” on the smaller mats. All bolts are countersunk. The ends of the timbers are anchorseal-coated to prevent dry rot and splitting, and to preserve the life of the mat. Customers also have a choice of slotted (exposed bolt) ends or lifting cables, at no additional charge. All mats are custom-built to fit the needs of your project.


  • Oak Crane Mats
  • Barge Mats
  • Timber Mats
  • Heavy Equipment Mats
  • Excavator Mats
  • Dragline Mats
  • Oak Timbers
  • Oak Lumber
  • Oak Cribbing
  • Hardwood Timbers
  • Hardwood Cribbing
  • Address PO Box 9289
    Coral Springs, FL 33075-9289

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