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For over 35 years the name “Ravens” was synonymous with the “Worlds largest producer of aluminum flatbed and dump trailers.” In 1977 the company took advantage of its image for quality and dependability by expanding into the marine construction industry fabricating aluminum docks, gangways, bulkheads and other aluminum specialty products.

The response was so overwhelming, Ravens decided in 1985 to open a new division called Ravens Marine. The Kissimmee, Florida plant took over 100% of all manufacturing requirements for the marine industry. Ravens now could focus on providing its customers around the world quality marine products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 1990, David Hill along with the other Ravens employees privately purchased Ravens Marine. David then began to buy out the other employees’ shares until he and his wife Barbara were the sole owners of Ravens Marine.

David and Barbara Hill were a perfect fit for Ravens Marine. Each year Ravens Marine continued to grow and increase its reputation for quality marine products. Today the company custom manufactures solutions for customers across the globe.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are needed where large water fluctuations make access to boats a difficult task. Ravens Marine understands that solutions must be custom designed for each customer. Marginal walkways usually are 8 to 10 feet wide; main walkways are designed 6 to 8 feet wide with 5 feet being minimum; finger docks will normally be 3 to 4 feet wide.

Every dock is custom made to your specifications or we can design a dock system according to site elements. Ravens floating docks come with a variety of decking. If you like the look of wood, we can make the exterior covered with wood but keep the internal components aluminum. The variety for a floating dock is only limited by your imagination.


Strong, versatile, low-maintenance – that’s the Mariner gangway from Ravens. We put our 30 years of aluminum manufacturing and engineering skill into every project. These gangways feature a lateral decking design for greater skid resistance and extruded pipe sized for added structural strength with less weight and clean lines.

Adjustable Steps

Ravens first adjustable gangway was ordered by the US Navy 20 years ago. Since then we have built over 200 for the Navy and the US Coast Guard. Their application is not limited to government agencies as we have manufactured them for the average homeowner when conditions do not allow a standard gangway to be used.

What makes the adjustable step gangway special is the feathering steps that allow them to stay level at low or high tide. They are ideal when the angle is too great for a flat gangway to be used.

The adjustable step gangway is still fabricated with aluminum to keep the weight manageable and the cost realistic. We can help you determine if an adjustable step gangway is right for you so call now!


Ravens aluminum dock ladders are made from 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum pipe which are impervious to salt or fresh water applications. From standard to special we cover it all at an affordable price. Order 1 ladder or 100, each one is made with the same quality and durability that Ravens Marine is known for.


Did you know that Ravens Marine manufactures some of the finest handrail systems available? We offer aluminum handrails for standard dock applications as well as specialty handrails for state or federal governments. Whether you require round or square tube Ravens can engineer and manufacture and deliver handrail to any place in the world. Call today and find out how Ravens can help you with your handrail requirements.

Retaining Walls

High Quality, High Strength, Corrosion Resistant - These are Ravens quality control measures that assure the best in workmanship and materials to meet the most demanding specifications and applications. A Ravens Aluminum Retaining Wall System is handsome, strong, and durable. It resists rotting, corrosion, cracking, insects, and deterioration due to sand, soil, and salt water. It will not rust like steel, rot, crack, or chip like wood and concrete. Unlike vinyl or plastic seawall, our aluminum seawall is an engineered product that arrives complete and ready to install, no other accessories are required.

Floating Boat Lifts

Do site conditions or local regulations prevent pilings in your lake, river, or canal bottom? Ravens “Safe Harbor” Floating Boat Lift system can be cantilevered from shore to eliminate any type of piling.

Are you tired of not being able to use your boat during high or low water because of your limiting fixed dock system? Ravens “Safe Harbor” Floating Boat Lift system will allow you to safely use your boat and dock during the flood or dry season.

Ravens “Safe Harbor” is manufactured with specific marine grade aluminum, floats that offer a 10 year warranty, and the Ravens trusted name meaning you are receiving the best. In fact your “Safe Harbor” system will always be worth what you paid for it, thus adding value to your site. From your 1,500 pound “John” boat to your 20,000 pound luxury boat we can offer you several options to make using your dock a pleasure in either the dry or rainy season.

Ravens engineers will design your very own “Safe Harbor” so why don’t you call us and see what we can do for you!

Fixed Piers

For many projects, it all starts with a fixed pier. Our piers are custom designed for mooring small and large boats, attaching a floating dock or recreational and commercial decking. Fixed piers are an economical way to get out over the water to your boat or a fishing platform. The possibilities are endless. Ravens fixed piers are designed for durability, strength, good looks, and a lifetime of use.

ADA Products

Ravens Marine offers a full line of handicap products. We manufacture handicap fishing piers, handicap handrail systems and wheelchair lift gangways. Being handicapped doesn’t mean someone can’t enjoy the water and that is why Ravens handicap products are fully engineered and tested to exceed all government standards. We keep up to date on all changes and exceptions in order to make sure the public gets the most modern, state of the art handicapped system available.
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  • Address 3295 ORANGE AVE. KISSIMMEE, FL 34744

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