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Over 25 years of infrastructure repair and renewal worldwide

QuakeWrap Inc. is a leading provider of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products and systems for structural repair and restoration. These innovative, engineered products can be applied as both new structure designs or as proven, economical retrofit solutions.

Restoring severely corroded structures, correcting construction errors and increasing existing load capacity are just some of the solutions QuakeWrap engineers and construction provide when traditional structural repair methods will not solve your problems.

QuakeWrap has over 25 years’ experience in advanced construction applications using FRP. QuakeWrap’s patented-protected FRP solutions – including the adaptive PileMedic® system for bridge column and marine pile repair; the heavy duty PipeMedic® systems for sewers, storm drains, culverts and other large conveyance repairs; and the SPiRe® Sheet Pile Repair system for corroded seawalls and industrial bulkheads.

QuakeWrap solutions represent extraordinary improvements over conventional repair methods. These products are exceptionally strong, versatile, lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and work equally well on concrete, masonry, steel and timber.

QuakeWrap, Inc. offers complete repair and retrofitting solutions including in-house structural engineering and evaluation services, specialized FRP materials, and experienced, professional installation from the FRP specialists, FRP Construction LLC.

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PileMedic®: The Permanent Solution for Pile Restoration PileMedic® is a patented product developed by Professor Mo Ehsani following 20 years of research and development. It is the most economical and the fastest system for strengthening columns, underwater piles, utility poles, and bridge piling with little disruption of service. The unique engineering features of this product resulted in the US Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA's Urban Search & Rescue Program choosing PileMedic® for fast repair of columns and piles that are damaged in a disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc.

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