PDS produces a comprehensive line of high performance drilling fluids, specialized slurry additives, testing equipment and bentonite sealants for a variety of drilling, construction, environmental and excavation operations.

PDS produces a comprehensive line of high performance drilling fluids, specialized slurry additives, testing equipment and bentonite sealants for horizontal directional drilling (hdd), road boring and microtunneling applications.


Liquid Polymer – An environmentally safe, fast mixing drilling fluid used for building viscosity in mud rotary drilling. Excellent clay and shale inhibitor, works well in both fresh and salt water, allows faster drilling, reduces well development time, prevents bit balling, lowers fluid loss, is cost efficient and can be broken down. Can also be mixed with foam during air drilling operations.


A synthetic polymer in dry granular form that allows for rapid increases in viscosity and has the same capabilities as Super Mud liquid. The higher viscosities improve particle removal from the bore hole and assists in sealing porous soils.


Soda Ash – A safe, inexpensive, easy to mix product for conditioning and maintaining the pH and reducing the hardness of drilling fluids.


Flocculent/Settling Agent – A selective mud flocculent in liquid form that aids in the settlement of solids. Quik Floc reduces the time required for settlement by rapidly agglomerating silt and other micron size particles that are suspended within the slurry and settles them to the bottom of the excavation allowing for easy removal by cleanout bucket or airlift system. Flocculation time will vary depending upon concentration of suspended fines.
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