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MATRIX Construction Products, LLC (MATRIX) provides high quality polymer and bentonite products and additives to the Construction Drilling industries.  Our products, technical service and equipment are used in a wide variety of construction related applications. Have you seen BIG-FOOT? Superior performance, easy to mix and use, and Caltrans approved.



Based in Englewood, Colorado, MATRIX Construction Products, LLC (MATRIX), has expanded rapidly since its formation in 2013.  Formed with the focus to improve the understanding of slurry drilling fluids and how they are used in today’s construction market.  Our mission today is the same as it was in the beginning to provide quality slurry products backed by competent technical support to improve the efficiency of the drilling and excavation processes in the foundation drilling industry.

We strive to operate openly and honestly and in a manner that is dedicated to supplying quality slurry drilling products and technical services and equipment to drilling contractors in the foundation drilling and heavy civil construction industries.

BIG-FOOT®, our newest high performance slurry system, boasts unprecedented success across the country.  MATRIX has built its reputation on engineering slurry fluid systems that improve efficiencies, reduce risk and costs and minimize health, safety and environmental impact.  We customize slurry fluid systems and associated additives to reduce non-productive time in the most demanding applications.

The MATRIX staff’s expertise in the application of slurry products is one of the major reasons its customers rely on us to assist them with selecting the right products and equipment.  Our customers know that MATRIX will provide them good advice and will deliver reliable products that can be trusted to perform.

The company credits its swift growth to its unique approach to customer service and competence improvement programs, fostered by our professional staff carefully chosen to mesh with the company’s business strategy.  We are focused on our customers.  See what makes MATRIX Construction Products the leading provider of high performance slurry technology.

Have You Seen BIG-FOOT?

BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry

BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry is a high molecular weight polymer slurry with superior control that offers numerous advantages. BIG-FOOT is one of the most effective, easy-to-use polymer slurries in the industry. The unique BIG-FOOT soil stabilization slurry system out performs most bentonite, polymer, or combination slurry’s available in the construction and drill shaft industries. BIG-FOOT is Caltrans approved.

Benefits of BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry

  • Improved excavation quality
  • Self cleaning
  • Simplicity of use for field worker
  • Reduced downtime
  • High performing concentration requires less slurry
  • Increased productivity with BIG-FOOT’s consistent performance
  • No processing equipment required —mixes into solution quickly with MATRIX mixer
  • Portable, resulting in less energy and lower transportation costs
  • Low cost to dispose of used slurry upon project completion
BIG-FOOT Polymer Slurry offers unequaled performance in all types of soil conditions and environmental challenges.

BIG-FOOT is so good you won’t believe it!

BIG-FOOT® Polymer Slurry Additives:

Your MATRIX representative will recommend the perfect, easy-to-mix formula for your site geology to ensure maximum product performance and results. MATRIX Construction Products has an extensive portfolio of products that are well-matched with BIG-FOOT® polymer that reinforce and enhance the functions of the drilling slurry when the geology demands. That focus extends to our slurry drilling products and additives to help customize excavation construction efficiencies and mitigate problems.

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  • Address 50 South Main Street, Suite 200
    Naperville, IL 60540
  • Lee Ramos

    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is by far the best product we have ever tried. Hands down.

  • Mike Fish and Charlee Bixby

    Rating: 5 / 5

    We were shut down for 2-months awaiting our next drill location. Upon returning to the project the Drilling fluid storage tanks that had been mixed up with Big-Foot polymer were left full @ a 70/sec/viscosity. When we returned the viscosity was still @ 60/sec/qt. This in the sun and heat of the Bakersfield Ca, Valley. This is a testimonial to how good your product is. I have not used another synthetic polymer that has held this standard in these conditions for this duration.

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