L&M Supply

Leaders in Geotextiles, Silt Fence, Landscaping & Erosion Control Products

For over three decades industry professionals have turned to L & M Supply. With locations nationwide, L & M Supply is the nations largest Manufacturer & Distributor of quality Geotextile Fabrics, Silt Fence, Metal T-Post, Wood Oak Stakes, Weed Control Fabrics and Erosion Control Blankets and Wattles. Our products have a variety of commercial, civil and Oil Field applications that range from silt retention to flood & erosion control. We offer Woven & Non Woven Polypropylene Geotextile fabrics, Geogrid, Monofilaments, Composites and High Strength Materials for stabilization, filtration (filter fabric) and separation with several weights and custom widths available. We maintain a huge inventory of both Type 1 BXGRID 11 Biaxial Geogrid and Type 2 BXGRID 12 Biaxial Geogrid at all of our locations across the USA! Our Geogrids are equivalent to Tensar BX 1100 and BX 1200 respectfully and MADE IN THE USA! We manufacture affordable Dewatering Bags or Filter Bags in 15′ X 15′, 10′ X 15′ and 5 X 6′ as well as custom sizes. In addition, we stock one of the largest inventories of High UV 14.5″ X 26″ poly Sandbags, Burlap Rolls & Bales, Heavy Duty Orange Diamond Safety Fenceand Orange Plastic Safety Fence in the USA.

  • Address Corporate Headquarters:
    1800 Springhead Church Road
    Willacoochee, GA 31650-0640

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