Geo-Tech Drilling Fluids

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The cleanest, simplest, most advanced solutions for slurry-displacement method foundation drilling and excavation

Geo-Tech supplies slurry products and technical service to foundation contractors worldwide for bored piles (drilled shafts), diaphragm walls and other technologies used in deep foundation systems.

Our products are based on clean Novagel™ polymer technology for earth support fluids that can handle almost any soil conditions while protecting the environment, and facilitating disposal.

Novagel fluids are self-cleaning, easy to mix and handle, and allow high rates of production. They also reduce project cost and concrete consumption when compared to mineral slurries (bentonite).

How can we help you today?

  • Bid preparation. Geo-Tech will prepare a customized slurry program for your project based on soil conditions and job specifications. All you have to do is contact us and provide soil logs and basic information for your job.
  • Reduce costs on my project. Novagel™ polymer slurries can increase production while reducing cost and improving profits on foundation projects. Clean technology is profitable.
  • A water-dispersible synthetic polymer formulation useful as an effective water thickener and soil stabilizer.
  • Simplifies mixing and handling of drilling fluid
  • Cleaner than bentonite and requires only 1/50th as much material
  • Produces geometrically precise excavations.
  • Reduces total concrete consumption by 10% or more.
SAND MAGNET Cleans sand from the fluid. Makes sand cohesive, speeds drilling and overall production and helps control fluid loss. SOILPLEX Provides positive immediate control of loose, running, slumping or highly permeable soils. This easy to use liquid mixes easily and controls problem soils with minimal delay to the digging operation. Regional availability. MINERAL SEAL Controls fluid loss in highly permeable sands. This non-polluting formula is made from low-cost modified natural materials that reduce the consumption of polymers and other slurry materials NOVADENSE SYSTEM This densified (high weight) polymer fluid was designed especially for geoconstruction drilling and excavating. Controls artesian pressure. The self-cleaning fluid can be built to any density from 1.05 to 1.30, provides improved fluid loss control and is self-cleaning GEOTECH SLURRY SAMPLER Elegantly simple and rugged in reliability and function, the Slurry Sampler captures samples of drilling fluid from any specified depth within an excavation or borehole.

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