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DCS Fluid Solutions offers a full product line for all of your HDD or Drilled Shaft needs. In addition, we offer on-site support and sales from a staff with a combined service and sales experience of over 200 years. Which means that whether you are a product distributor or contractor in the HDD industry, when you choose DCS Fluid Solutions, you have a partner that has your back. Our name is what we are about.

  • On-site drilling fluids engineering service
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Very high performance sodium montmorillonite clay bentonite gel with naturally low water loss and great suspension characteristics. SLIKGEL (200 barrel per ton) high yield gel mixes very easily in fresh water and quickly creates a controllable viscosity for any drilling condition. Can be used alone or as a base fluid for all DCS additives. SLIKGEL is a natural tan to grey 200 mesh powder mined in the Western USA. NSF certified.

Packaged in 50 lb. bags


The most effective drilling fluid additive for controlling sticky and swelling clay. CLAY BREAKER aggressively breaks the bonds that bind native clay particles together, allowing them to flow through the bore annulus without sticking back together and forming rings or balling on the down hole tooling. Does not alter fluid rheology. CLAY BREAKER is a clear liquid.

Packaged in 5 gallon buckets


A wetting agent that when added to drilling fluids, coats drilled cuttings, the drill pipe and tooling to prevent sticking and balling. This surfactant should be used in all clays, shales and mixed soil conditions that might bind together, or which may cause increased rotational torque and lower penetration rates. TORQUE BREAKER is low foaming and adds considerably to the lubricating properties of all drilling fluids. TORQUE BREAKER is a red liquid.

Packaged in 5 gallon buckets


A powerful dispersant that prevents clay particles from sticking to the bit or cutter. This mud additive can be used in a variety of ways. First as a sweep, it can be placed directly in the drill pipe on connections and pumped around the bit for cleaning to increase penetration rates and reduce balling. BALLBUSTER can also be used as a thinner to quickly reduce mud viscosity or control viscosity in variable drilling conditions. BALLBUSTER is a white powder.

​Packaged in 25 lb. buckets


Ultra-low foaming surfactant that coats all clays, shales, drill string and tooling to prevent sticking and balling. Can be used in higher concentrations than other surfactants and in all types drilling fluid and for all applications. Will effectively lower rotational torque and increase ROP by improving hole cleaning and drilling fluid lubrication. Can be added directly to the mixing pit. DCS SURFACTANT is a blue liquid.

Packaged in 5 gallon buckets


A versatile additive that significantly increases suspension characteristics of SLIKGEL based drilling fluids when drilling in coarse sand and/or gravel. SAND MASTER helps carry high volumes of sand, gravel or any larger cutting out of the bore hole and suspends cuttings in the annulus while the pump is off. SAND MASTER can also be used without bentonite as a super-efficient stand-alone high gel strength drilling fluid additive. This type of natural polymer fluid mixes easily in hard water or water with low pH and is very resistant to contamination.  SAND MASTER is an off-white powder.

Packaged in 25 lb. buckets


An extremely useful additive in almost all drilling conditions. FLO-PAC lowers water-loss from any bentonite based drilling fluid. Lowered water loss increases borehole stability by preventing the soils from washing or loosening, dissolving or becoming dis-lodged by free water leaving the borehole. Controlling water loss also helps prevent partial or even whole fluid loss in many formations. FLO-PAC slightly increases fluid viscosity and can be used with any other DCS additive to improve and control fluid properties. FLO-PAC is an off-white powder.

Packaged in 25 lb. buckets


Used as a sweep to clean the bit or cutter and drill pipe of sticky clay. QUICK STICKS are tubes wrapped in dissolvable packaging that can be placed directly in the drill pipe on connection. They begin to dissolve immediately in the drilling fluid to release a very strong dispersant which will clean clay from the BHA and reduce torque and improve penetration rates.  QUICK STICK dimensions: 1 5/8” X 12”

Packaged 22 per bucket


Convenient self-dissolving tubes filled with SUPER SWELL crystalline polymer beads. These tubes can be dropped down the drill pipe on connections to help control lost circulation. Can be used in all types of drilling fluids and can be mixed with other types of pre-mixed LCMs. SWELL STICKS dimensions: 1 5/8” X 12” tubes.

Packaged 22 per bucket


Fine ground walnut hulls packed in self-dissolving tubes that can be placed in the drill pipe on connections. Pumping the tube down the pipe will dissolve the wrapper, releasing the walnut hulls into the fluid. The walnut hulls cut through any clay that may be packed on the bit and BHA. Especially effective when used with DCS QUICK STICKS. WALNUT CLAY BUSTER STICKS dimensions: 1 5/8” X 12”

Packaged 22 per bucket


These handy solid sticks are great for quickly cleaning the bit and BHA. SUPER STICKS are a blended combination of surfactants and dispersants that dissolve very quickly when dropped down the drill pipe on connections. The dispersant helps to break up sticky, balled clay and the surfactant coats the clay to prevent it from sticking up hole. REAMER STICKSare solid soap sticks that dissolve very fast in the pipe to sweep around the bit and clean off sticky clays. Dimensions: 1 1/4" X 15"

Packaged 36 each (72 total) in a re-usable ice chest!


Vegetable oil based lubricant that will greatly reduce rotational torque and improve penetration rates in all soils types, it is especially effective in sand, gravel and cobble. Can be used to increase lubricity during the drilling process and when pulling pipe or other HDD product installations.  HDD LUBE will not alter drilling fluid rheology or viscosity. It mixes easily when added directly into the mix pits.

Packaged in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums


Easy mixing liquid polymer viscosifier that can be used as an effective clay/shale inhibitor or as a sweep for cleaning cuttings from the borehole in all drilling applications. Highly effective as a quick viscosifying additive for SHAFT MASTERdrilled shaft applications Can be used with all types of bentonite drilling fluids as well. Not recommended for use with CLAY BREAKER.

​Packaged in 5 gallon buckets


Dry polymer version of POLYMUD. Same effectiveness and versatility in the convenience of a dry powder.

Packaged in 14 lb. buckets


This lost circulation material is a crystalline type polymer bead that absorb hundreds of times it’s volume in water and will swell in place in a lost circulation zone.  Can be added to the mixing pits and pumped into the formation at or near the spot of the loss or can be added into the drill pipe on connections for continual treatment. Can be used with all types of drilling fluids and mixed with other LCMs such as MAGMA FIBER.

​Packaged in 25 lb. buckets


In general lost circulation conditions, MAGMA FIBER forms a dense packing distribution to effectively plug fractures while being non-toxic, non-fermenting, and resistant to migration. MAGMA FIBER is a specially-formulated, extrusion-spun mineral fiber with an interlocking matrix to give increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, all types of permeable formations, and even aquifers. Can be used with other LCMs such as DCS SUPER SWELL. NSF certified.  MAGMA FIBER® is a registered product of Lost Circulation Specialists, Inc.

Packaged in 30 lb. bags
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