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Beasley Forest Products is North America’s premier producer of matting products for the energy transmission, utility and construction industries. At Beasley Forest Products we produce a full line of hardwood mats to include crane mats, bridge mats, laminated mats, oilfield mats, and various specialized mats. Our mats, as well as our skids, are produced from hardwood harvested throughout the state of Georgia and parts of Alabama, South Carolina and Florida.

Being the largest hardwood sawmill in the U.S. provides us with the real advantage of controlling our raw material supply to Guarantee a Variety Of Quality Products Delivered in a Timely Manner. Our standard line of products includes hardwood mats, hardwood grade lumber, crossties and pallet lumber.

For many years, Beasley has been the leader in the manufacture of hardwood mats. In addition, we also control the largest pool of used mats in North America. While we manufacture timber mats, bridge mats, laminated mats and skids routinely, we also produce custom-made mats to meet our customer’s individual needs. At Beasley, we’re very proud of our quality mats, and we stand by each of the mats we produce each day.

We also make a substantial number of crossties and switch ties for the railroad industry. For the shipping industry, we offer a wide variety of pallet products including cants, stringers and cut stock of various widths and dimensions. Another key product is premium hardwood grade lumber manufactured from red oak, white oak, poplar, cypress and ash timber.

At Beasley Forest Products, we provide wood products that meet and exceed your needs.


Beasley Forest Products manufactures over 50 bridge mats a day from mixed hardwood species such as oak, cherry, hickory and gum. (No poplar or cypress is used in our bridge mats). We primarily manufacture 4-foot and 5-foot wide timber mats, however custom width timber mats are available upon request. Bridge mats are typically 12” thick and 12’ to 40’ in length. Beasley Forest Products use countersunk 1.25” bolts to fasten the timber mats, and the ends of the timber mats are also coated with a protective sealant to help prevent splitting and checking.


Beasley Forest Products interlocking oiled mats use the proven laminate design to evenly distribute load, providing a safe and stable area for constructing, drilling and fracking oil and natural gas wells. This patented design has been used throughout North America, Canada and South America to efficiently and safely produce wells in the wettest of conditions. With Beasley mats you won’t lose any valuable drilling or construction time because of a wet pad site. Once the pad is leveled, the mats can be placed directly on the soil eliminating the need for any scoria or other fill material. Without the fill material, the pad site becomes a much more level and safe work area. The use of our oilfield mats eliminates trucks and equipment rutting the pad during wet times.


Beasley Forest Products manufactures over 800 8” crane mats a day from mixed hardwoods or 100% oak from 14 to 24 feet in length. Standard crane mats are 4-foot wide, however we also manufacture 5-foot wide crane mats at customer request. We use 1.25” bolts stamped with our company logo to fasten the crane mats, and the nuts and washers are countersunk into the crane mats. The ends of the crane mats are also coated with a protective sealant to help prevent splitting and checking. While Beasley Forest Products makes crane mats with minimal wane, we can also produce crane mats that meet the wane requirements of the customer. We produce either exposed bolt or solid mats with cables for lifting if needed.


Beasley Forest Products manufactures 3-ply laminated mats in 12’, 14’ or 16’ lengths. These mats are assembled with bolts and with chains or cables. The bolts are countersunk with any excess bolt cut away. Lock nuts permanently secure the mats along with 1” washers which minimize any depression into the wood. Chains and clevis are rated for 7,100 lbs. of lifting per chain, and both chain and clevis are approved by OSHA for overhead lifting. Mats are constructed from only premium oak boards.


Beasley Forest Products controls one of the largest pools of used mats in the industry. We are constantly replenishing our inventory to provide our customers with a diversified and stable supply of used mats. To maintain the highest level of quality, we have our own experienced personnel to grade and sort all of our used mats. In addition, we stockpile these products strategically throughout the United States to further ensure that our customers get their mats when and where they are needed.


Beasley Forest Products manufactures standard logging mats that are specifically designed to be handled by logging equipment. Each mat is designed with a reinforced slotted area which allows knuckle boom loaders or skidders to move the mats with ease. The logging mats are 16’ in length. The logging mats are made out of 5/4 oak which are bolted together to provide extra stability. Beasley Forest Products uses these logging mats with all their hardwood logging operations. The purpose of the logging mats is to allow loggers to keep their trucks running during wet conditions.


One of Beasley Forest Products specialty products that we manufacture for the energy industry includes our 4”x 6”x 4’ hardwood pipeline skid used for cribbing, racking and elevating the pipe during pipeline construction.


Beasley Forest Products sells cants, stringers, and cut stock with almost endless dimension combinations.


In addition to mats, skids, pallets & crossties, Beasley Forest Products also sells hardwood and cypress bark, chips, and sawdust Our By-Products include:
  • Hardwood
  • Bark
  • Chips
  • Sawdust
  • Cypress
  • A Grade Bark
  • Chips
  • Sawdust


Beasley Forest Products works in combination with Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. to provide quality Southern hardwood and cypress lumber and wood products.  Our products include:
  • Kiln Dried Southern Hardwood & Cypress Lumber
  • Architectural & Industrial Timbers
  • Pallet Lumber
  • Crane Mat Timbers
  • Railroad Cross Ties
  • Hardwood and Pine Pulp Chips
  • Hardwood & Cypress Mulch Products
We provide quality service with a knowledgeable team that’s dedicated to our customer’s needs:
  • Export lumber package preparation
  • Lumber Grading & Width Sorting
  • Millwork, Paneling Patterns & Surfacing
  • Container, Rail & Domestic Flatbed Shipping
  • Custom Pallet Stock Lumber Stock
  • Custom Architectural Oak & Cypress Timbers
  • ARR Cross Tie, Switch Tie Grades
  • Domestic & Export Hardwood & Pine Pulp Chipping
  • Address P.O. BOX 788
    Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539

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