Supply of steel piling products and project engineering for the civil and marine industry.

Meever USA is the American arm of the global steel manufacturing and sales organization Meever & Meever headquartered in The Netherlands. This family owned business started as a one man operation in the mid-eighties and over the years the company evolved in an all-round steel trade organization with manufacturing facilities and multiple subsidiaries around the world. We have stocking locations in The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Poland, UAE and Australia. Meever USA is responsible for the Caribbean, North America and Canada. We specialize in the supply of steel sheet piling, welded & seamless pipes, structural steel, anchoring & strutting systems. Teamwork with our customers is one of the key elements of success.

Hot-Rolled Sheet Piles

Meever USA offers a wide variety of hot rolled sheet pile sections. We have new and used sheet piles in stock available for sale or rent. We also offer sales + buy-back options for long term temporary applications. If we don’t have the required materials in stock we can also deliver steel directly from production. Domestic and foreign sheet piles are offered according project specifications in lengths up to 100ft.

We have hot rolled sheet piles available in 3 different shapes:
  • Z- shape
  • U-shape
  • Flat Web for cellular cells

Cold-Rolled Sheet Piles

There is a wide variety of different cold formed sheet pile sections available in the piling market. Meever USA selects the most competitive sections that meet or exceed the project requirements and at the same time we consider the best lead time and pile drivability based on the soil conditions and use of equipment.

Meever USA offers a more precise manufacturing process for cold formed sheet piles. We now offer an exclusive proprietary method to produce cold formed sheet piles. The sheet piles are formed in the required shape with a very precise interlock .Therefore , We call the cold formed sheet pile “PRECISION PILE”.

Meever USA believes this revolutionary process will change the dynamics of the cold formed sheet pile industry. See our IBO and VKZ sheet pile series.

We offer cold formed sheet piles in 3 different shapes:
  • Z- shape
  • U-shape
  • Pan-Shape (Omega)

Structural Steel and H-Piles

We offer wide flange beams, channels, square tubes, flat strips and H-piles from stock and rolling. Materials can be offered in accordance with ASTM standards and A572 or A690 steel grades. Special high yield strength steel grades available on request. Aside from standard rolled shapes we also provide fabricated shapes. Cutting holes, welding attachments, coating or galvanizing and other value added services can be offered.

In our material database you can find the section properties of all commonly used construction steel sections.

Piles and Micropiles

Meever USA offers a wide range of steel pipes from production and stock. You can rely on us for the supply of pipe projects. Seamless and welded pipes are offered according ASTM or API standards. We offer coatings and other surface treatments or fabrication work like welding attachments to the pipes or pile tip protectors.

Pipe products:
  •  Welded steel pipes (ERW, SSAW, LSAW) Ideal for large diameter and wall heavy wall thickness pipes
  • Seamless steel pipes
  • Screw injection piles
  • Micro piles
  • Welded connectors for pipe+pipe walls and combined pipe+sheet pile walls.
By keeping large inventories worldwide we can provide flexibility and optimal service.

Combined Wall Systems

For heavy marine constructions and deep foundation applications the piling wall often requires a very high bearing capacity and stiffness. Where a regular sheet pile wall is not sufficient, a combi wall system may be exactly what is needed to achieve the required properties.

Anchoring and Strutting Systems

Anchoring systems

We have our own hollow bar production facility for self-drilling anchor solutions. Grout can be pumped through the hollow bar and create a big chunk of concrete at the tip of the anchor bar. We also offer a wide range of solid (threaded) tie rod bars from stock and from production. Although it’s usually applied in permanent application, anchoring systems are also used in temporary project applications. We have several domestic and foreign partners we work with to supply the complete package of piling products to make your project a success.
  • Micro piles (threaded)
  • Hollow bar anchors
  • Tie Rods
  • Helical piles
  • Folding anchors
  • Wide flange Walers and double Channel waler systems

Strutting systems

For permanent or temporary cofferdams we offer pipe struts and walers to support the piling walls. These materials are available for sale or rent.

Corners and Piling Accessories

We stock sheet pile corner sections and piling connectors, ready for immediate delivery to the jobsite or fabrication shop. Conical points or flat end plates, Cutting shoes for pipes or H-piles, Splicers, sheet pile tip protectors or any other piling accessories, we can furnish and pre assemble components prior to delivery to the job location. Below you can find a selection of piling accessories.

Interlock Sealant & Fabrication

Interlock sealant

With any sheet pile project where potential water leakage through the wall presents a problem, sealing the interlocks may be required. We can seal or weld the middle interlock of a pair which gives a 100% water tight seal. This solution is ideal when sheet piles are already paired and applying a sealant in the middle interlock is complicated.

Coating and Other Surface Treatments

Blasting and Coating We offer a full range of high quality coating systems from experienced, qualified coating facilities. Whether it’s an anti-corrosion coating to increase the material lifetime or a paint for esthetic purposes, we can do it.


We can also deliver hot dipped galvanized products.

Cathodic protection

Especially in salt water environments steel gets affected quickly and marine coatings are almost a standard procedure to increase the lifetime. In addition to coating systems we provide zinc and aluminum anodes the have a huge effect on the material lifetime. Anodes and coating are often used in conjunction with each other to get the best result.

The other option is to apply interlock sealant which drastically decreased the chance of water leaking through the interlocks. It can be used with all types of hot rolled and cold formed sheet piling interlocks.

  • Bituminous sealant is a rubbery black substancethat is heated to make it more fluid and easy to install in the sheet pile interlocks. When it cools down it stays in place and creates a good seal between the sheet pile interlocks. Examples of bituminous sealants are Pertex S or Wadit
  • Hydrophilic Sealants have the ability to swell up to multiple times its original volume when it’s in contact with water and it will seal off the locks. It can be applied before delivery to the jobsite but this sealant is also very easy to install in the field. Field installation increases the effectiveness of the sealant. Examples of hydrophilic sealants are SwellSeal and Adeka.

Meever USA provides offsite fabrication services. Cutting holes, welding studs, assembling double C-walers, pairing sheet piles, splicing piles, attaching top or tip protectors prior to delivery to your jobsite. We will work with you to save time and money on the jobsite. Our engineering department can also help (re)designing fabrication for economy and increased productivity. We offer welding in accordance with AWS D1.1 or other welding standards.
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  • Address 303 5th Ave Ste 1709

    New York, NY 10016
  • Joe Savarese

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Jeroen is a knowledgeable professional regarding all the different styles, shapes, and sizes of shoring techniques and materials. Don’t be afraid to trust him with your project requirements.

  • Paul Thomson – Vice President

    Rating: 4 / 5

    Meever USA has demonstrated excellent service and on time delivery of all types of hot and cold rolled sheet piling
    and shoring systems. Their knowledge and professionalism are clearly evident every time they have supplied materials and offered engineering advice and suggestions. Jeroen and Dan Ryder rapidly respond to our requests for pricing, availability, and written quotations. I would recommend them to any contractor or engineering firm requiring information and / or supplying the many types of sheet piling and shoring systems they offer.

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