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JD Fields has gained a reputation as one of the leading Carbon Steel Pipe Suppliers, Steel Pipe Manufacturers, and Steel Tube Manufacturers. Not only does the company keep 150,000 tons of inventory at all times, JD Fields has the experience and resources to handle, store and ship high-quality steel products to clients both domestically and internationally. Since 1985, JD Fields has met and exceeded requirements by focusing on customer service and satisfaction, as well as stocking the most sought after steel products.


All of the pipe products carried by JD Fields is ordered to meet the standards set by ASTM, API, and AWWA. JD Fields has secured a spot as a well-established and widely known steel pipe and steel tube suppliers. We stock steel pipe and tubular goods that can be used for a variety of applications and in a wide range of industries. As a distinguished steel tube supplier, our pipe is shipped to job sites with corresponding certified mill test reports, which also contain heat numbers. JD Fields is also a prominent steel sheet supplier and we offer multiple different products including: H-pile, hot rolled sheet piling, and cold formed sheet piling.


With stocking locations throughout the United States, JD Fields can easily fill any immediate need. We have also proven to be a go-to source for steel products that aren’t as widely searched for or as easily found. Our convenient and easy to navigate pipe chart, which details the different types and sizes we carry gives testament to why JD Fields is the constantly preferred choice when it comes to selecting steel suppliers or a steel pipe supplier. Since our inception, and our rise to also be an all-encompassing supplier of steel tube, pipe and sheet, JD Fields has provided millions of tons of first-rate steel products to be applied in a plethora of different industries throughout the world.

JD Fields is a premier supplier of all manner of steel pipe and tubular goods. We proudly carry 150,000 tons of inventory and are one of a handful of API-certified line pipe suppliers in the U.S. We are a large distributor of the most sought after steel merchandise, including rolled steel products. Please choose a section below to begin your purchasing experience: Steel Tubes Our inventory of carbon steel pipe normally exceeds 150,000 tons. The size range we stock is 2” OD through 60” OD. The wall thickness varies from 1/8” through 2”. Our stock’s manufacturing processes include ERW, DSAW and Seamless in Grades B up to X80. We also proudly provide certified API line pipe. Steel pipe sheet pipes are widely used in harbors (piers, seawalls, and breakwaters), urban civil engineering (earth-retaining walls and cofferdams), bridges (foundations for steel pipe sheet pile foundations), and other applications, along with use regarding increased scales of structures, increases in water depth, and increases regarding construction work in regions where the deep supporting strata exists under thick soft ground. Steel Piling Our Construction Products division inventories and markets a broad range of carbon steel products, including H Bearing Piles, Hot Rolled Piling, Cold Formed Piling and Pipe Piling of all sizes. Although we carry one of the most complete inventories in the industry, we are also your source for hard to find items and solutions in various products. We have multiple stocking locations nation wide to suit your immediate needs, and we can offer third party turn-key services such as fabrication, coating, painting and galvanizing.

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