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Verduyn Tarps offers a one-stop shop for everything related to your flat deck trucking needs. Our offerings range from simple winch straps to our advanced Eagle retractable tarping system.


Flatbed Tarps

Whether you’re trying to load unusual cargo, trying to save time on tarping, or both, a flatbed tarping system from Verduyn Tarps is the answer. These customizable tarping systems for flatbed trailers are safe, convenient and time-saving solutions. And, unlike other types of flatbed systems, they can be tailored to the exact specifications of your trailer.

Step Deck Tarps

When you need a tarp solution for a step deck trailer that is safe, convenient and saves you time, look no further than a fully customizable step deck tarping system from Verduyn Tarps. Our tarping systems for step deck trailers make it easy to secure odd or unusual cargo in a fraction of the time it takes ordinary tarps to be secured — and without the need to climb on top of the trailer.

Double Drop Tarp System

If you have cargo that is too tall for your flatbed trailer as-is, a double drop flatbed tarping system from Verduyn Tarps is the solution. Our expertise with double drop tarping systems means we can provide the additional clearance your double drop trailer requires to handle large and difficult-to-load cargo. With simplified loading similar to a double drop Conestoga system, our double drop tarping system provides the flexibility and security you need.

Straight Truck Tarp System

Loading large or unusually shaped cargo on a straight truck trailer is safer, faster and more convenient with a straight truck tarping system from Verduyn Tarps. Allowing for cargo to be loaded from both sides, this system can reduce loading time while providing extra security for unusually shaped loads. If you’re looking for a straight truck Conestoga system for your needs, look no further than Verduyn Tarps.

B-Train Tarp System

Tarping a B-train requires strength and durability, and that’s exactly what you get with the Eagle system. With an extra tie-down location, our tarp system helps to:
  • Keep your loads secure and safe
  • Keep drivers safe by enabling them to keep both feet on the ground when securing the load and tightening our system
  • Increase profitability because, as we know, safety equals profitability

Custom Trailer Tarps

Verduyn Tarps welcomes the opportunity to work with you on a custom-built side-roll tarp system. As the trusted source for specialty tarping, we customize systems for a myriad of segments and uses, including:
  • Aerospace  Hauling of jet or rocket engines
  • Towing Industry Protecting top-secret prototype vehicles, armored military vehicles and luxury vehicles
  • Search and Rescue Transporting roll-off command stations
  • Defense Sector Hauling aircraft and engines, helicopters and cargo
  • Energy GE utilizes our system in their Power and Water Division

Tarp Systems For Fleet Owners

The Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable System from Verduyn Tarps provides a myriad of benefits to fleet owners. Our state-of-the-art load securement equipment is a great investment — one that saves time, money, and fuel, regardless of the type of flat deck trailers that make up your fleet. The Eagle semi-trailer tarp system features a headboard with a striking finish, aerodynamic radius corners and a full-size man door, and you can customize your headboard with exterior lights, a special finish and/or interior storage options. Flatbed trailer tarps are made from high-quality PVC, are available in many colors and can be constructed of one piece or in panels. Carts, lifters and wheels are strong and durable, while the Eagle track is lightweight, strong and equipped with our patented tie-down system.

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    Hamilton, ON L8E 2W2

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