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Your source for marine equipment rentals

Smith Brothers is your source for marine equipment rentals. Our fleet includes deck and spud barges, floating and land-based cranes, truckable tugs, sectional barges as well as piledriving hammers, crane mats, winches, barge pushers, excavators and most anything a marine contractor needs to get the job done. We can even get it there for you; tug service serving the Chesapeake and beyond.

Smith Brothers, Inc. was founded by the hard working Smiths just around World War I. J. Edward Smith, the eldest of the brothers, began a business  building piers around the West River.

Smith Brothers, Inc. grew the old-fashioned way, by elbow grease. Smith Brothers, which grew to include six brothers and a partner, became legendary for their hard-work and high quality. In the 1950’s, the State Roads Administration of Maryland tapped Smith Brothers as one of its leading contractors, and for half a century they built and repaired many of the highway bridges in Maryland.

Today, Jeff Smith handles the day-to-day business with operations manager, Preston Hartge. The next generation of Smith Brothers, Inc. stands on its solid reputation providing barge rentals, tug service, contractors’ supplies and yard rental.


Sectional Barges

Truckable Tugs

Floating and Crawler Cranes




Crane Mats

Steel Sheeting

  • Address 4702 WOODFIELD ROAD, GALESVILLE, MD 20765

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