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Engineering innovation and problem-solving are core drivers at NZ Stirrers. Our custom-designed and engineered, ALLU-compatible soil mixing attachment system offers the world’s longest mass ground stabilizing stirrer, operating to depths of 12m. Our system is extremely flexible, with three easily interchangeable mixing heads designed to power through any soil type.

Custom-engineered mixers from NZ Stirrers can be fitted with one of a range of 15 hydraulic drive motors delivering from 44000Nm to 115,000Nm of torque depending on customer specification and requirements.

Soil Mixing Equipment – Custom Soil Stabilisation System

Flexible stirring attachment system

The high quality soil mixing attachment system from NZ Stirrers is designed to offer greater flexibility on-site using a single piece of plant.  Three easily interchangeable mixing heads made from 20mm hardened plate steel are available for different ground conditions; a heavy duty stirrer with rock cutting teeth, light duty stirrer and a dredging mud stirrer.

We go deeper

Each soil mixer is designed specifically to meet customer specifications.  We offer a unique adjustable length shaft that can be used for mass ground stabilisation and drilling foundation holes to soil depths of 15m and over.  As an additional option, our mixing equipment can be engineered with a powerful 115,000Nm drive motor to install screw anchors. We are soon releasing our new “Torque Converter” attachment.

Powerful custom-designed motors

Our soil mixers can be fitted with a range of hydraulic motors that deliver between 44,000Nm and 115,000Nm of torque.  This solves the problem of ground stalling without the need for additional hydraulic power packs.  NZ Stirrers mixer heads can quickly and efficiently incorporate dry powder binders or grouting mix into any type of soil.  The 1.4m by 2m mixing heads stir two cubic square meters of soil in a single rotation.

Designed to be compatible with all makes/models of excavator

NZ Stirrers mixer attachments are designed with interchangeable hitch plates for use on excavators of different sizes or models.  NZ Stirrers mixer attachment system is compatible with the precision ALLU pressure feeder and DAC.2 3D positioning system.

High quality, precision-manufactured in New Zealand

These innovative attachments are manufactured from high tensile, abrasion-resistant bisalloy steel.  Precision-designed to help extend the operating life of plant and reduce machinery maintenance and down-time, all bearings and seals on NZ Stirrers’ attachments are carefully situated to avoid wear and tear.

Efficient use of plant on-site

With the NZ stirrers mixing attachment system, one excavator can tackle a range of different jobs with the minimum of down-time, increasing the efficient use of plant.  NZ Stirrers attachments are supplied in a custom-built, open top shipping container to securely house mixing heads during transport.  The open top shipping container and internal cradle system are designed to make it quick, easy and safe to exchange mixing heads on-site.

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