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Numa DTH Hammers & Bits are designed to drill holes in hard rock, overburden, or loose strata formations in many different types of drilling applications in the construction, foundation, oil & gas, mining, quarry, geothermal, water well, horizontal and other rock drilling industries. Customers purchase our products to drill holes from just a few feet to 1000’s of feet deep. In fact, our products have drilled one of the deepest holes on record at 17,600 feet below the surface.

A strategic focus of Numa is to partner with our customers to design the right solutions to demanding drilling applications. This requires us to invest in the research and development of new products as well as the right expertise to support drillers. We work with drillers on job sites around the world to support our products and gain first hand insight for advancing DTH product design.

Numa provides the world’s leading drilling technology with over 110 DTH Hammer and Bit products serving 11 different industries. Our products are designed to drill vertical, horizontal, and reverse circulation holes from 3½ to 50½ inches (89 - 1283 mm) in diameter in hard rock, overburden, or loose strata formations. Having customers in 105+ countries, we have built our customer-centric reputation on providing the highest value in products, performance, and personal service available in the rock drilling industry.

Numa has been in business since 1985 and is strategically located between Boston and New York City. Due to our location, we are in close proximity to major transportation centers to easily distribute our over 100 DTH products to locations across the globe.  Our supply chain is further reinforced with easy access to suppliers of raw materials and trained labor.  All products are designed and manufactured in our 55,000 square foot facility sitting on our 30 acres in Thompson, CT USA. We sell our products and services through eight (8) regional sales managers and over 45 distributors across the world.

  • SMALL HAMMERS AND BITS:  Drill holes from 3-1/2″ to 10″ (89 – 254 mm) in diverse drilling conditions.  Built specifically for longevity and penetration rate, Numa’s Patriot® hammers and bits drill at high frequency and require less air. Even against high heads of water.
  • MID-RANGE HAMMERS AND BITS: Drills holes 7-7/8” to 20” (200 – 508 mm). Provide a combination of speed and life to excel against hard, abrasive and just plain nasty conditions. A simplified hammer design with less internal components promotes less vibration and smooth operation.
  • LARGE HAMMERS AND BITS: Drills holes 18” to 48” (457 - 1219 mm). Numa pioneered the large hammer industry and leads the market in performance and reliability. Our forward thinking designs have proven themselves again and again in demanding applications around the world.
  • REVERSE CIRCULATION HAMMERS AND BITS: Drills holes 5-1/4” to 36” (133 - 914 mm). Numa’s Reverse Circulation products have the unique ability to bring all cuttings up the center of the hammer and drill string to be safely collected at the surface, which is essential in today’s environmentally conscious society.
  • SUPER JAWS® BITS: Drills holes 5-1/2” to 42” (457 - 1066 mm). Super Jaws provides superior performance for simultaneous drilling and casing in hard rock and overburden formations. Wings extend out to drill a full diameter hole then retract to bring all tooling to the surface. No expensive tools are left in the hole and no casing teeth are required.
  • IMPACT RING BIT SYSTEMS: Drills holes 5-1/4” to 50-1/2” (133 - 1283 mm). Designed specifically for simultaneously drilling and casing for horizontal applications. Consisting of a DTH hammer, auger, and two piece ring bit, Impact Ring Bit Systems provide faster penetration due to large bit face surface contacting the formation. Saves money with all components reusable on multiple projects.
  • Person Neal Kuszewski
  • Address 646 Thompson Rd., PO Box 348, Thompson, CT 06277
  • Andrew Robertson

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Along with market leading products Numa offers our business great reaction times, large stocks and technical knowledge you can rely on.

    Andrew Robertson
    Stratum Drilling Solutions Ltd

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