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We promise do the job right, on time, and meet or exceed your expectations every step of the way, and that is what makes us a breed apart.

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Since 1969 Marsh Buggies, Inc. has been manufacturing state of the art amphibious equipment with an eye towards innovative design and unparalleled reliability. We pioneered the design and development of the marsh buggy and have earned a reputation for unmatched diversity of products and the highest standard of excellence for sales and rental equipment in the industry.

All of our products are custom built at our manufacturing facility in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. Our signature machines including the Marsh Buggy, Marsh Excavator, and Cargo Buggy are designed to meet specific needs and are delivered on time to meet your critical deadlines. We offer the largest selection of equipment and the most experienced staff of equipment professionals in the business. We hire only the most experienced fabrication professionals in the industry, and with quality control and safety standards that are second to none, you can be assured that our products are rugged, reliable and durable even in the harshest of conditions.

Marsh Buggies, Inc. understands the need for flexibility and versatility in today’s marketplace. That’s why we offer the services of an experienced design and engineering team who can take most conventional construction equipment and modify it with amphibious applications to meet specific project needs. We have the ability to manufacture amphibious undercarriages for any excavator brand up to 50 metric tons with either standard or extended-reach boom configurations. Our cargo carriers have robust payload capabilities, ranging from 2000-22,000 lbs. We can outfit our cargo carriers with almost any add-on, including cranes, fuel tanks, heliports, drill rigs, man lifts, soil boring rigs, dump bodies, water tanks, housing and much more!

Cost effective, custom built equipment designed for your complex needs and critical timelines in amphibious construction. Our Signature machines have the reliability and durability necessary for working in the world’s most demanding environments. See our lineup of signature machines.

We provide complete rental service for all of our available excavators, Marsh Buggy, Swamp Buggy and Cargo Buggy machines. Our service department is expert at shop and field maintenance, so you can be assured the equipment you rent is up and running when you need it.

Marsh Buggies provides extensive contracting services. Whether its marsh restoration, levee construction, pipeline work, power line work, dredging, boring or clearing, we can find a solution that is right for you. With our customized contracting solutions, we deliver where other companies simply cannot.


MBI’s extensive offering of amphibious excavators is second to none. From the smallest project to the largest, we have a solution for you!

In all of our present models, the excavator has been removed from its conventional undercarriage and mounted onto a turntable ring located between the pontoons. The turntable ring is connected by mating the two flange/separation plates on the turntable to the flange/separation plates on the main cross beams.

The planetary and motor assembly is located inside the pontoons, allowing it to be protected from the elements, thus extending motor life and wear and tear on parts. The planetary motor assembly is easily accessed via a manhole cover, either on the inside of the pontoon walls or via a hatch cover on top. MBI’s extensive offering of amphibious excavators is second to none. From the smallest project to the largest, we have a solution for you!


Amphibious, maneuverable, and ultimately adaptable, The Marsh Buggy is the most versatile machine in the swamp! Able to operate nimbly on land or in water, the ME-251444 offers a combination of strengths no other machine can match.

Equipped with a 15,000lb winch with 300’ of ½” cable and a roomy 14’x16’ deck, this machine can be customized to handle a large variety of projects. It is used extensively for soil boring, surveying and transporting a variety of personnel and equipment.


The Cargo Buggy is a testament to our continued response to the compelling needs of the industry. It was developed and designed due to numerous customer requests to haul heavy equipment into inaccessible areas that could not be reached until now. The new cab features a backup camera, operator seat, air conditioning and heating.

  • Address 2018 Engineers Road
    Belle Chasse, Louisiana 70037

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