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Pile driving just got an upgrade

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Marine Construction Technologies is a public benefit company.  Our mission is to develop innovative, engineering-driven solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefit to the marine construction industry. Our initial technology is noise mitigating piles for marine structures.

The Technology – Reinhall Piles™

A breakthrough in noise mitigation Noise from impact pile driving is transmitted both through the water and the seabed. To be effective, a noise attenuation method must therefore restrain noise along the full length of a pile as it is being driven to its target depth. Attenuation cannot stop at the seafloor. We have developed a patented solution that uses a conventional steel pile’s outer wall to encapsulate noise along its full length. We insert a fixed or reusable inner pipe for driving purposes, in essence creating a double-walled pile. The driving hammer strikes the inner pipe. Sound waves then travel along the inner pipe while the outer pipe mitigates noise transmission. After installation, the inner pipe is either left in place or removed and used as a reusable mandrel.

  • Address 909 NE Boat Street
    Seattle, WA 98105 USA

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