Gilbert is proud to introduce the Grizzly MultiGripTM vibratory pile driver. This excavator-mounted attachment is equipped with a side-grip clamping device designed to facilitate and speed up the handling, driving and extraction of piles and sheet piles.



Combining power, versatility and speed, the Grizzly MultiGripTM establishes new standards for side-grip vibratory pile drivers. With its innovative features, this attachment tool increases your excavator’s profitability, reduces your operating expenses and gives you the opportunity to work in deep foundations. Bottom line: better productivity and better control of timetables.

Sheet piles: for the construction of retaining walls for civil engineering work, sewers and aqueducts, all types of building protections, cofferdams, etc.

H-beams: may be used as foundation piles or soldiers piles for temporary or permanent retaining and lagging walls.

Tubular piles: used with 4 to 16 inch piles for foundations works in buildings, bridges, culverts, electrical pylons and other types of constructions.

The Grizzly MultiGripTM allows you to work in tight areas, where height and width are an issue, in which the use of conventional equipment is impossible. The Grizzly MultiGripTM therefore lowers the operating costs by only requiring one ground worker, the excavator and its operator.

The Grizzly MultiGripTM vibratory pile driver ranks as the best option to increase productivity and profitability by simply giving your company more opportunities.


With the exclusive 3PAS and Quick-Change technologies of the side clamp system, manipulating, driving and extracting sheet piles, H-beams and tubular piles has never been so simple.

Equipped with the continuous rotating HD360° system, with a tilting range of 40 degrees and SafeGrip safety features, the Grizzly MultiGripTM vibratory pile driver ensures safe and effective operations. Each vibrating units are equipped with high-strength eccentric shafts, producing an impressive centrifugal force which is perfectly transferred by the 3-Point Arm System we call 3PAS.

Included with the Grizzly MultiGripTM is a support stand for transportation and storage.

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