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Timber Warriors is the nation’s largest provider of the Tree and Tarp Program. They specialize in working with insurance companies that deliver tree and tarp services from tree removal to tarp applications. They provide a nationwide network of professional members who are strategically located throughout the country aiding in quick, responsive times.


Storms can cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on other trees, structures, cars, or personal property. Aspects such as the weight, size, or location of a storm-felled tree can make it severely dangerous and difficult to remove or trim. Timber Warrior Professionals will perform the job in a safe manner while reducing risk for additional damage.


Securing the interior of a home from the weather conditions outside is often the first priority in the event of a catastrophic loss. This can potentially be a complex and dangerous task. Timber Warriors knows the importance of a quick response time in conjunction with a water-tight performance that holds up until the inspection and repairs are completed.


When a tarp won’t suffice, securing your property and the people within after a loss requires boarding over openings in the exterior surfaces of your home. Our technicians respond any time of day, giving you peace of mind that your property is protected until it is restored.


Along with storm damage usually comes the need for debris removal and disposal. When Timber Warriors is contacted to perform these services, we recognize most policies limit coverage for hauling away debris. Our crews only operate within the policy limits and/or instructions of the insurance adjuster.


Our Ice Dam Removal Certification (IDRC) members are trained on a non-invasive, “no-additional-damage” method using steam to safely remove ice dams without displacement of a single granule on your roofing shingles. We incorporate OSHA safety standards directly into our training and equip our tradesman on how to operate fully within these safety guidelines. The entire network employs universal quality control measures to ensure consistency across the country.

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