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Massman is a leader in heavy, civil and marine construction. We have successfully completed over 1,600 projects and tackled many unique challenges. Our expertise includes bridges, difficult foundations, docks and terminals, energy and utilities, and locks and dams. When choosing a construction partner, consider Massman.


Massman’s reputation as a national leader in bridge construction relies heavily on its legacy of experienced in-house construction engineers, seasoned field supervisors and hardworking tradesman. We design and implement leading edge construction technologies, use best-in-class equipment and techniques to deliver the most innovative, structurally sound and aesthetically designed bridges and ancillary structures.

We have built some of the largest and most complex bridges in the United States, linking cities, states and regions. We understand that bridges are paramount in transportation networks that connect people, places and products. The bridges that Massman has built over the last 100 plus years are an integral part of that network.

Massman has developed our unique bridge-building expertise through years of proven success on all types and sizes of projects. Our substructure experience includes concrete pile, steel pile, cofferdams, floating caissons, drilled shafts and spread footings on rock. Our superstructure experience includes plate girders, trusses, cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, segmental and cable-stayed bridges.

Difficult Foundations

As projects become larger and more complex, the old adage that a structure is only as good as its foundation has never been truer. Whether your capital improvement project is in or over the water, or on dry land, we have the equipment and expertise to build it, even under the most challenging conditions. Difficult foundations have been a hallmark of Massman's success for generations.  Successfully completing complex foundations takes a unique skill set consisting of geotechnical expertise, specialized equipment and experienced project personnel.

Our project teams have successfully built difficult foundations in a myriad of applications including major rivers, environmentally sensitive wetlands and coastal areas. Our successful projects have included installing pneumatic caissons for major river piers and driving pile weighing over 250 tons each. We routinely install large diameter drilled shafts and have drilled rock sockets over 12 feet in diameter. To complete large pile driving projects we utilize company owned pile hammers with energy ratings of over 250,000 foot-pounds. And when we have completed this type of work, you know you can trust Massman for more conventional foundations wherever your project may be.

Docks & Terminals

As one of the country’s foremost marine contractors, building docks and barge terminals is second nature to Massman. From land as well as water, we have built high-quality structures throughout the inland waterways. Our experience includes several applications from dry bulk terminals and liquid bulk terminals to heavy lift docks, sheet pile walls and marinas. We work closely with our clients and their engineers throughout the process to build each structure to meet their needs. In addition to dock construction, we can install mooring structures used to secure barges while in fleet. We also design and build dolphins, seawalls, tripods, clusters, quadripods and more.

Energy & Utilities

Reliable energy is critical to individuals and organizations. Massman understands this and provides in-depth expertise, timely project completion, safety programs, a well-trained drug-free work force, site security and cost effective construction solutions.

Massman partners with public and private clients on projects that include hydroelectric plants, water intake, coal handling and pump stations. These applications highlight our sector-leading capabilities in the energy generation industry.

Locks & Dams

Locks and dams enable vessels to move through the nation’s waterways transporting essential cargo as well as being instrumental in preserving and protecting wetland environments by helping to control water levels. Massman’s experienced engineers, skilled project managers and tradesman self-perform large-scale lock and dam projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on a national basis. Massman has completed dozens of lock and dam projects nationally over our 100 year history. Our proven track record, quality control programs, safety focus, environmental sensitivity and financial strength make us the informed choice for lock and dam projects.

  • Address 4400 W. 109th St.
    Overland Park, KS 66211

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