Hayward Baker

North America's leader in geotechnical solutions

Hayward Baker is North America’s leader in geotechnical solutions, continually evolving and expanding to meet the increasingly complex needs of the construction community. We are proud to be one of the globally connected companies of Keller.

Ground Improvement

Don't let the ground dictate the design of your structure. Ground improvement can increase bearing capacity, reduce settlement, and improve the engineering properties of the existing soils.

Earth Retention & Shoring

The safety of excavations, slops and adjacent structures is assured with an optimally designed and construction earth retention and shoring system.

Foundation Repair & Underpinning

Whether additional loads are being added to a foundation, or an existing building has been damaged by settlement, we can provide the optimal repair or underpinning solution to remediate the structure.

Liquefaction Mitigation

In seismically active areas, improvement of loose, granular soils below the water table provides protection from damage related to liquefaction and lateral spread.

Deep Foundations

Deep foundations may be the optimal solution when heavy loads are planned for sites underlying compressible soils.

Groundwater Control

Migration of contaminants, water seepage into excavations, scour, and other problems associated with the movement of water can be controlled.


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    Hanover, Maryland 21076

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