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Foundation Repair Services, Inc. (FRS) is a licensed general contractor specializing in geotechnical issues related to foundations, slopes, retaining walls and other structural elements. Our highly trained, skilled professionals know how to solve problems of any size — from repairing a crack to installing a large soil nail wall.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcing

Foundation Repair Services installs carbon fiber reinforcing to strengthen concrete structural members such as columns, beams and walls. Carbon fiber can be used to repair damaged or deteriorated structures or to increase their load-carrying capacity for projects such as seismic uplifts. Carbon fiber reinforcing can be installed in strips, mats or wraps, depending on the specific application and design.


Pressure grouting, also called slab jacking, is done by drilling small holes, typically 1" to 2", through a concrete slab and pumping a cementitious grout under the slab to fill voids underneath. While the grout is still fluid, pressure is applied to the grout, creating a hydraulic lifting effect and thus raising the slab upward.

Compaction grouting is a process in which a very stiff, low-slump cementitious grout mix is injected deep into the subgrade soil to densify or compact soft subgrade soil in place. It is most effective in well-drained soils (e.g., sandy soils) and at deeper depths. For the most part, it does not work very well in highly cohesive soils (e.g., clay soils) or at shallow depths.

Helical Anchors

Helical anchors, often called screw anchors, are commonly used for underpinning and settlement arrestment; however, they can also be used for tiebacks, uplift anchors and new construction piles. The pile is constructed simply by screwing the anchor into competent load-bearing soil.

Micropiles and Minipiles

Micropiles, also called minipiles, are small-diameter piles that are constructed by drilling a hole, typically 2" to 8" in diameter, deep into the soil, inserting a high-strength threaded bar or pipe, and filling the hole with high strength grout.

New Construction Piles

Unsuitable soils can weaken your structural integrity. Foundation Repair Services offers deep foundation solutions so you can build in less-than-ideal soil conditions.

Soil Nailing Design

In a typical soil nailing project, a soil nail is drilled into the soil strata. Soil nails are typically 4" to 6" in diameter and spaced 4' to 6' apart. Reinforcing material is added and a drainage system is installed. A 4" to 6" layer of shotcrete or other facing material is applied. Foundation Repair Services can install a decorative finish such as carving or staining the finished wall to look like stone or block. We can also install a mesh facing material that allows vegetation to grow, giving the stabilized area a natural appearance.

Tieback Anchors

Serving North and South Carolina and the Southeast including GA, TN and VA Foundation Repair Services, Inc. installs pre-engineered tieback systems for earth retention, foundation support, wall support and other applications.

Tecco® Mesh

Is your structure located on or adjacent to a slope? Foundation Repair Services can help protect your commercial structure from damage due to slope or boulder wall failure, slope creep and slope erosion. Our slope stabilization services help eliminate the risks to your structure from falling rocks and landslides.


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