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Encore Dredging, Inc. is a full-service hydraulic dredging and waste disposal business consisting of a highly experienced team of dredging contractors that specialize in marina dredging, lake dredging, canal maintenance, and sanitary and industrial waste disposal.

Conveniently located in the Midwest, our easily transportable state-of-the-art hydraulic dredging equipment reduces mobilization and transportation costs.

With over 50 years of combined hydraulic dredging and waste disposal experience Encore Dredging, Inc. has the team and hydraulic dredging equipment to deliver a highly efficient and cost effective system for completing dredging projects. Encore Dredging, Inc. is a family owned and operated dredging business that has served the marine industry, industrial, and municipal dredging sectors throughout the United States since 2001. Our staff of experienced dredging professionals understands the needs of the customer and can provide extensive knowledge through all phases of a dredging project.
In addition, Encore Dredging, Inc. will work with you to develop the most efficient means for waste disposal.

Our confined space dredging equipment provides services for a variety of projects and applications including:

  • Marina Dredging
  • Lake Dredging
  • Canal Maintenance
  • Sanitary and Industrial Waste Disposal

We also provide services for a variety of projects and applications:

  • Harbor Dredging
  • Paper Mills
  • Chemical Plants
  • Coal Companies
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Recreational Waterways
  • Sand Mining
  • Confined Space Dredging
  • State and Federal Parks

Material disposal options include:

  • Disbursement into waterway
  • Spoil Site - Encore Dredging can pump into an existing site or work with you to develop one.
  • Geotextile Tubes - Material is pumped into the Geotextile tubes to be dewatered. When dry, the material may be spread or hauled away.
When you need your marina or waste pond cleaned Encore Dredging, Inc. can mobilize quickly to complete the dredging process with the best equipment in the business. Encore Dredging, Inc. uses the model 4010 IMS Versi-Dredge, the most productive and reliable hydraulic dredging system in the industry. The 4010 Versi-Dredge averages 80 - 100+ yards of sediment removal per hour; used for sand dragging, river dredging, port dredging, lake dredging, and marine dredging projects. The 4010 Versi-Dredge is highly mobile with its patented Starwheel drive self-propulsion system that allows the dredge to navigate independently and without the need for cables or spuds. Weighing only 17,000 lbs., the 4010 Versi-Dredge can be easily highway transported and set up quickly at the job site, keeping mobilization costs to a minimum.
  • Address PO Box 3069
    Clarksville, IN 47131

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