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Diamond Solutions is the leading asphalt paving company in Greenville, Michigan. Their paving solutions include brand new lots, lot expansions, and lot replacements.  Our crews are approachable and willing to help you solve all of your parking lot needs. Contact our office today for more information.

Paving Solutions - How it Works


1. Thorough base inspection

A parking lot’s durability is only as good as its foundation. We inspect that foundation for all faults because the future of your parking lot depends on it. If there is poor gradation, clay or any other problem that will cause damage down the road, we will find it.

2. In-House base cutting

When we find an issue with the foundation, we bring in the equipment and fix it ourselves. That means you don’t wait around a week while we outsource the job to the next available excavator. We are the next available excavator, available now. Whether it’s digging out clay, adding gravel or re-grading, we’ll handle it.


3. Equipment

Your new parking lot is only as good as the equipment you bring in to compact it. We don't take shortcuts. Diamond Solutions packs the right rollers and pavers to every project, so you get a parking lot built to withstand both weather and traffic.

4. Team

Your new parking lot is only as good as the crew installing it. Our experienced team grades so water runs away from your buildings. We're efficient and roll while the asphalt's hot, getting the proper compaction for a durable, waterproof parking lot. Trust the Diamond Solutions team to do the job right.


5. Line-stripping and pavement marking

It's not functional until it’s painted, and our striping team can do it all. Designing and implementing new parking layouts, re-striping previous layouts, drive lanes and stencils. We have the experience and the equipment to finish any paving job with fresh, crisp lines.

6. Sealcoating

Sealcoating generally does not need to be done for about 3 years. Freshly compacted asphalt already has the correct consistency of oil to withstand traffic and weather wear. In fact, sealcoating too soon after paving could leave your pavement too malleable and especially susceptible to heavy traffic damage.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Keeping a parking lot looking good for years to come doesn’t happen by accident — partner with Diamond Solutions to improve and extend the life of your lot with proper asphalt maintenance. Whether you need occasional parking lot repairs or ongoing preventative maintenance, our parking lot services ensure your investment stays protected and your lot looks great. We handle everything from crack sealing to line-striping and sealcoating to signage for our customers — doing whatever we can to ensure your lot is in good shape. As a recognized leader among parking lot maintenance companies, we’re the company you can trust with all your parking lot maintenance needs.

Concrete Services

When in need need cement contractors that can provide the highest-quality parking lot services in the industry, customers across 13 states turn to Diamond Solutions, and we can show you why. Our dedication to providing concrete services to fit virtually any need has made Diamond Solutions a leader in the industry. Whether you need to pour new sidewalks, repair or maintain existing concrete, or perform a full removal and replacement of any existing concrete in your parking lot, Diamond Solutions is there for you.

Snow Services

Snow doesn’t fall on schedule, and it certainly won’t wait until the weekend to choke your parking lots with heavy drifts that make it nearly impossible for your customers and employees to get to your building. That’s why it’s essential for property owners of any kind to work with a snow removal company that is prompt, prepared and professional. Diamond Solutions has been recognized by numerous customers as one of the most responsive and responsible snow removal contractors in the industry, and we’re eager to show you how we can help you with any and all commercial snow removal services in the state of Michigan.

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