With over 60 years in the dredging industry, CF Bean LLC has experience and expertise in moving sediment in a water environment. This knowledge can benefit private and public sector clients in designing and implementing dredging projects. Contact us for information on ways we can help with Bean dredging company.

History of CF Bean

Bean has more than 70 years of contracting experience. This experience includes accomplishing challenging dredging projects and managing a diverse fleet of equipment. Bean’s contractor perspective has assisted clients with practical, cost-effective solutions for dredging needs.

C.F. Bean LLC traces its beginnings to 1942 when founder, Charles F. Bean, started a dry-earth moving construction company in South Louisiana. In 1953 he began to work in wet-earth moving by designing, building and operating his first dredge to service the developing oil and gas industry in South Louisiana.

Bean’s capabilities grew in the United States and led to providing similar services internationally, initially in Nigeria. Bean has successfully completed projects in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Costa Rica, Singapore, Liberia, Sudan and the Congo. In conjunction with a large Dutch dredging company, Bean created the Port of Jubail in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In the United States, Bean has worked for both private and public clients. Bean has managed contracts that require the coordination of federal interests, primarily through the US Army Corps of Engineers, with state governments and local interests. Bean has also worked for oil companies and private land owners.

In conjunction with another large Dutch dredging company, Bean deepened large portions of the Kill Van Kull for the Port of New York and New Jersey. This project required rock drilling and blasting with extensive barge-haul operations.

Over the years Bean has dredged in several environmentally sensitive areas such as the Miami River and Key West, a project through a National Marine Sanctuary. Another was a Super-Fund Cleanup of Bayou Bonfouca in Louisiana.

Our experience includes using many different types of excavation equipment which gives us the knowledge of which tools work best in different situations. Bean has always focused on the design and construction of its dredges, assuring their performance.

This broad background in diverse project management and equipment operations gives Bean the expertise and experience to help in project design and equipment identification, dredge construction inspection, project and site characterization and hydrographic surveying needs.

As we maintain our operating capabilities, we offer, through Bean Consulting, our services for dredging solutions.

  • Project and Site Characterization for Dredging Services
  • Proposal Preparation Assistance for Dredging Consultant and Dredging Services
  • Dredge Production Analysis
  • Dredge Automation
  • Dredge Design and Equipment Identification
  • Dredge Construction Support and Dredging Consultant
  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Address 619 Engineers Rd.
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037

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